W2 Series LED Systems

W2 Series LED Screen Display is an elaborate new product of Minghe, which mainly used in high-end stage, theater, commerical advertising, spot stadiums,TV media and rental display business; It adopts new modular, low EMI, low power consumption design and carbon fiber cabinet; so that the products are with super ultra-thin, reliable, durable and easy maintenance characteristics; W2 Series indoor &outdoor LED advertising display applies flexible stage modeling, It can satisfy the multi-functional stage, theater etc. cost-effective led video panel displays that offers excellent visual effect,and can be formed to be curve display. Including indoor P4.8 P5.9 P6.9 and P7.8 for option.

             Carbon fiber W2 series Led screen display

             1. Lighter Weight

                 New carbon fiber material, cabinet weight is less than 12kg/sqm. W2 Series led sign is easy for transportation and fast installation, which saves manpower.

             2. Modular Design, Better For Mainteance

                 Power supply and control box integrated into one part, can be replaced quickly and maintained conveniently.

             3. Double Card Backup Design (Optional)

                 Double control unit, support multiple redundant backup system.

             4. LCD Information Display (Optional)

                 Show working time, product performance, temperature etc. Better to understand and monitor the working status.

             5. Redundancy Backup Power Supply Design (Optional)

                 1+1 RPS backup

                 Continuous power source

                 Normal Power Supply

                 When one power supply in display failed will seriously affect the entire display

                 Free Maintain Power Supply

                 Any one power supply in display failed will not affect the entire sc

             6. Perfect View Effect

                 Accurate control ensures the display smooth and seamless.

             7. Outstanding Gray Scale Efficiency

                 High refreshment, high gray scale and high light non-destructive technology together

                 with RGB deep processing of gray makes good uniformity under the low light.

                 Show rich colors and exquisite images clearly.

                 Application: LED billboard, led video wall, pixel patch display,led display panel can be fixed install or rental at indoors and outdoors.


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