Lighting Consoles, Wings, Surfaces

Designed for the smaller venue and school halls.

Cost effective and simple to use

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Jands Stage CL Lighting Console 24 Channel Australian Power Lead JANDS
ColorSource 40 Console 40 Faders; 80 Channels or Devices ETC
Elation Emulation Touch 1 DMX Controller for iPad ELAT
High End Systems Master Wing 4 in Roadcase High End Systems
High End Systems Playback Wing 4 in Roadcase High End Systems
ColorSource 20 Console 20 Faders; 40 Channels or Devices ETC
High End Systems Hedge Hog 4 Console High End Systems
High End Systems Hog DMX Processor 8000 (16 DMX outputs, 8192 channels, rack mount) High End Systems
ETC Nomad Puck 512 Outputs stand-alone Controller for Eos & Cobalt Software ETC
ETC ETCNET3 Show Control Gateway ETC
ART 500
Show Designer 1
Show Designer 2 CF
Single Rack Mount Kit for RDMX6S
Stage Setter 24
Midicon II
ELC Scene Player w/5 fader ELC
GrandMA3 4Port Node MALIG