Goods Damaged In Transit
If your goods get to you and they look like they’ve taken a beating in transit, please take photos of any damage to the items, as well as photos of the packaging & contact within 48hrs of the shipment getting to you. We’ll need you to send us the photos so we can begin the assessment & claim processes as soon as possible. EPS does not include shipping insurance unless requested by you with your order.

Provided the damage is definitely a shipping thing, we will accept the return and waive any restocking fee. Please see our Returns Policy for more detail.

All Domestic Shipments;
Unless you specify otherwise, we will take care of the shipping on all shipments from us to you & bill accordingly.

If you’d rather we ship on your carrier’s account and/or use your insurance, let us know at point of order and we will make all the arrangements to get the goods picked up. Bear in mind that different cut-off times will apply to shipments by your own carriers. It will be your responsibility to arrange pickup when goods are ready.

Time in transit on domestic shipments does vary, depending on the size of the shipment, its destination and the time of day that it is picked up by the carrier. Parcel deliveries within Brisbane and the Gold Coast areas that are picked up first thing in the morning may arrive same day and pallets shipping to WA may take over a week. Please bear this in mind when placing your orders. If your order is time critical, please contact us directly so that we can work the relevant transit time out.

Subject to the availability of the goods, the size of the shipment, your location, transport links to your location and the urgency of the shipment, delivery will take place between 1 (one) and 14 (fourteen) days from the date of your order if you have credit terms with EPS or if you have paid in full at the time of order.

All International Shipments
Most export shipments ship from EPS under a EXW Brisbane, or EXW Factory (Ex-Works) Incoterm. That is, you as the buyer are responsible for all charges from the moment the goods are loaded onto the vehicle that is going to take the goods to the airport or sea port. We can, and will unless otherwise requested, sort the charges then bill you for everything to your door, except duty & tax. These charges must be paid in advance before the goods are shipped.
Contact  if you need a different Incoterm, or advice on which Incoterm to use on the contract with your customer. It can be something of a minefield, but happily certain of our staff have experience in this field and will be happy to help where we can.

Time in transit on international shipments also vary depending on size and destination.
Please note that we will not ship any lamp containing KR85, a radiactive isotope of krypton, to the United States. The US restricts the import and export of KR85 to companies and individuals holding the relevant licensing.

Leadtimes Between Placing Your Order and it Shipping
If an item is in stock, we will endeavor to ship it within 2 working days of your order being placed, often sooner. If items are not in stock or are stocked out, that period may be significantly longer, depending on our suppliers' stocking levels and/or manufacturing times..
If your goods are not going to ship within 2 days of your order, we will contact you to let you know.

Volumetric Weights
Some of the goods we sell volume out considerably in certain quantities. The way the shipping companies bill us is to take the gross weight & the volumised weight & bill according to the higher value. Experience has taught that whilst we might take every care in coming up with your shipping quote, the freight companies can (and sometimes do) bill us a volumised weight when we don’t think something should volume out. Their stock answer to queries on this tends to be to quote their Terms & Conditions. Sometimes we win these little arguments, other times we don’t.

As such, please note that all freight quotes given by EPS staff and on are estimates and might change. If they do, we will give you a call before issuing a new or amended invoice. We’ll also give you a call should we do the sums ahead of shipment and work out that the volumetric weight is going to be massively more than the gross weight.

Dangerous Goods
EPS does not import for resale nor ship any goods classified as dangerous by the Australian Transport Comission.